Mobility Scooter Hiring Tips

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Mobility Scooter Hiring Tips

Do you want to hire a mobility scooter? Below is a guide with some questions that you can use to interview a mobility scooter hiring company. Hopefully, it will ensure you have an easy time when hiring the scooter. 

What Types Of Mobility Scooters Do You Have? 

Your needs should be your primary determinant when hiring a mobility scooter. Your main concern should be the scooter's weight limits, seat size, and height. It ensures you are comfortable when using the scooter. If you intend to use the scooter outside your home, check whether it comes with a headlight, hazard lights, and side mirrors. If you will cover some off-road terrain, the scooter should have broad tires with sufficient grip. Remember to check the scooter's battery range and motor size. 

For How Long Is The Scooter Available? 

It is an essential consideration if you require the scooter for several weeks. Reputable scooter hiring companies will have customised short-term and long-term contracts. For a long-term hire, you should insist on a discount. Besides, inquire if the company will allow you to exchange the scooter for a newer model. 

Will You Offer Transport And Repair Services? 

Ideally, the hiring company should be ready to transport the mobility scooter to and from your premises. Inquire about the company's operating hours. These are especially important to know if you need the mobility scooter at night or during the weekend. Mobility scooters require regular maintenance, such as tire changes and motor servicing. Consider companies that offer remote mobility scooter maintenance. Otherwise, the scooter could develop problems. 

What Are The Terms Of Use? 

Examine the company's terms. For instance, are you allowed to move with the scooter away from your home? Inquire about the company's damage policy. More often than not, most companies will deploy their mechanic to repair the scooter if it breaks down. Depending on the cause of the damage, you may or may not be liable for repairs. The company should allow you to extend or terminate the hiring contract without incurring penalties. 

How Much Will You Charge? 

The company's services should be reasonably priced. If possible, you should consider companies with a fixed price. It helps with your budgeting and protects you from extra and hidden charges. Reputable companies will give a grace period before imposing penalties on late repayments. Remember to consult with your insurance company to know if they will pay for the mobility scooter rental fees. 

When hiring a mobility scooter, assess the available scooters, inquire about the scooter's availability, transport, and repair services. Additionally, evaluate the terms of use and the charges. To learn more, contact a mobility scooter hire company.

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