Four Important House Cleaning Services Provided Under NDIS

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Four Important House Cleaning Services Provided Under NDIS

If you are an NDIS client or soon to be one, you might be wondering if NDIS services cover domestic cleaning as part of their disability services. You might also want to know what these cleaning services entail. Below are four NDIS cleaning services. 

1. End Of Lease Cleaning

End-of-lease cleaning is a time when you might need extra help with cleaning. As long as you meet the necessary requirements, you will be eligible for end-of-lease cleaning services under NDIS.

NDIS covered house cleaning services are provided by professional house cleaning companies, and the staff are trained and well versed in the needs of NDIS clients. This means that NDIS clients have access to the same cleaning services as other clients. You can contact your local NDIS service provider to find out more about end-of-lease cleaning.

2. Rubbish Removal 

Cleaning can be an overwhelming task at times, so there is no shame if you have difficulty with it. Rubbish can build up inside and outside, and NDIS cleaning services are well trained to deal with this.

NDIS service providers are here to help, not judge. If you have rubbish in or outside your home that needs removing, that is something that you can talk with your NDIS service provider about. Yard clearing is also an option for some NDIS clients. Hard rubbish collection is something that may be arranged for you through your disability services provider.

3. Regular Cleaning

Regular house cleaning can be provided, depending on which disability services you are eligible for. You may need help with cleaning your house once per fortnight, or maybe once per week would suit you better. NDIS cleaning services will do all the important tasks such as washing, mopping, dusting, and ironing, as well as vacuuming and folding. These tasks are part of many housecleaning packages. NDIS cleaning services select a cleaner that is perfect for you and your situation.

4. Pantry and Cupboard Organising 

Sometimes it's not just sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming that you require in your home but organisation. If you have boxes of paperwork that are overflowing or overstocked pantries that are on your mind, an NDIS service provider can match you with a service that specialises in organisation. 

NDIS house cleaning services are provided by trustworthy companies who take the time to tailor-select cleaners to be meet your needs. If you have any further questions ask your local NDIS provider about what disability services you are eligible for.

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