What Types of Things Can Supported Independent Living Help Your Loved One With?

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What Types of Things Can Supported Independent Living Help Your Loved One With?

If someone in your family or someone else who is close to you suffers from a mental illness, you probably want to help them live independently if possible. Luckily, there are many resources out there that you can help your loved one find. These are some of the things that supported independent living services can help your loved one so that they can live independently while still having the help that they need.

Assisting With Cleaning Skills

It's obviously probably very important to you to make sure that your loved one lives in a nice, clean environment. However, if your loved one has a mental illness, you might have noticed that they struggle with things like keeping their flat or home clean. Cleaning services might not be an option because of financial reasons or other reasons, and your loved one might want to learn how to maintain their own home without any help. Luckily, with independent living services, your loved one can learn these essential day-to-day skills.

Assisting With Meal Preparation Skills

Planning and preparing meals can be challenging for anyone, and these things can be particularly challenging for a loved one who might suffer from mental illness. However, with supported independent living services, your loved one can learn more about how to plan and prepare meals. They can also get help with transportation to and from the grocery store so that they can purchase necessary ingredients and other essentials for cooking.


Your loved one might struggle with budgeting their money so that they can pay for groceries, rent, utilities and other expenses. Luckily, independent living services do offer budgeting assistance for those who have mental health challenges and who need this help. Since having their finances in order is one of the most important things that your loved one can do in order to live independently and comfortably, this is assistance that can be incredibly valuable.


As mentioned above, these services can help your loved one with transportation to and from the grocery store. Luckily, transportation services are also available for other things, such as if your loved one needs a ride to the doctor's office.

Education and Employment

Your loved one might want to go back to school, either for personal reasons or because they want to undergo training for a job. They might also need help with finding a job. Luckily, independent living services typically focus on helping people with these things so they can learn new information and skills and enjoy the enrichment and income that can go along with finding employment.

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